Express Scripts and Medco Merger UPDATE
Additional groups of Express Scripts’ commercial plan sponsors continue to migrate to the new adjudication system of the combined company. Refer to our updated FAQ, or log on below for more information.

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RIGHT TO ACCESS: This web portal is the property of Express Scripts, Inc., and only entities contracted with ESI as a provider and their authorized representatives may access this system, consistent with the Provider's Participating Provider Agreement with ESI. By logging onto this web portal, Provider and individual(as applicable) represents and warrants that it(he/she) has all requisite corporate power and authority to access this system and the Provider's data, and is authorized to act on behalf of and bind Provider. If you are not entitled to access this system, Provider's data, and/or act on behalf of and/or bind Provider, or you submit false or misleading information, ESI may exercise any and all remedies available to it, including pursuit of legal action, to enforce its rights.

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